Basically, people in information tech build the programs that allow us to interact with each other virtually.

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A mobile based, multi platform tool that integrates the information for school, parent and child at one place.

MYDIARY helps you to supervise your child even when
you are physically away from him

We have taken great care in the design and
architecture of MyDiary and parents will appreciate its unifying solution.

A tool that facilitates communication between various stakeholders

MyDiary was created out of an need that has not been addressed effectively. Children have ever-increasing to do list, parents are equally concerned about their child’s performance and schedule and schools need to adapt technology and plan for inclusive education.

  • Reduce the physical burden on the child
  • Replace other chat groups and unify them within one platform
  • Find a better replacement to biometric technology
  • Know the mental state of a child within school
  • Integrate sports performance as an important performance metric
  • Have an eco-system that can be used by everyone ( drivers, maids )
  • Integrate hardware smartly with software for a seamless experience
  • Track bus movement in real time